Sunday, August 28, 2005

Datagrid and its events for items

I was having a hell of a time trying to attach an event to the itemCommand event in datagrid but for some reason the event would not fire !

I was doing all the datasourceing and databinding in the Page_Load() but had neglected to put all the code in that portion under the (!IsPostBack) check !

As soon as I did everything worked fine !

I cant explain exactly why this happened but it has something to do with the grid being re made everytime the page is posted back and due to this events are never attached to it !

remember : if in doubt put code in (!IsPostBack)

If any one can explain this phenom to me , please leave a comment !


Saturday, August 27, 2005

There has to be a purpose ....

Yes there is !
I want to be help other developers as much as I can ! I have gone through the process of trying to make something work which in essence was a line of code .... but took me days to figure out !
As and when I learn something new and exciting I guarantee a blog entry for that !

I use C# to program on the .NET framework and I love to learn about new technologies and things.

Currently trying to get FLASH MX REMOTING to work with .NET !

No success yet ! but it will come to me ....

And so it begins ......

I was googling for a tutorial on how to create a blog .... and got this free utility !
Someday (soon) I would like to be able to make a personal blog .... something I create ! Its not a pipe dream .....